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Many workplace injuries are minor and can be can be treated on-site at your workplace with the appropriate direction from the GP via a live video consult.

The GP is able to assess the injury and issue x-ray referrals or referrals to specialists  that are necessary for your employee to resume work as quickly and safley as possible without having to come in for an initial consultation.  

A live video consultation gives you advice from the Doctor quicker than attending the medical centre and allows our GPs to issue referrals and scripts instantly should the injury be serious and require immediate attention.


According to Safe Work Australia Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2017


The most common workplace injuries are:

• Traumatic joint / ligament and muscle / tendon injuries (43%)
• Wounds, lacerations, amputations and internal organ damage (16%)
• Musculoskeletal (15%)
• Fractures (10%)


These injuries occur mostly in:

• Arms and upper limbs (26%)
• Lower limbs (23%)
• Back (20%)


These injuries occur mostly from:

• Body Stressing
• Falls, Trips and Slips
• Being hit by moving objects


Body stressing was the most common mechanism of injury, consistently accounting for almost 40 per cent of serious claims.


Most affected occupations are:

• Labourers & related workers
• Intermediate production & transport workers
• Tradesperson & related workers

Labourers accounted for a quarter of all serious claims.


The industries that are most affected:

Four industries (Transport & Storage; Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing; Manufacturing and Construction) had incidence rates of serious injury substantially above the industries.

The Health Care and social assistance industry also accounted for 15 per cent of serious claims followed by Manufacturing and Construction which accounted for a further 12 per cent of serious claims.