Create or grow your Corporate Patient base.

Earn more. We know you want to focus on patient care. With AHGP you’ll get training, turnkey telehealth platform and subscription billings from your corporate client base, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

See Your Own Patients

Grow your practice – engaging patients and offering convenience is key to expanding your business. With our platform, you can immediately begin offering telehealth services for a variety of consults usually conducted in rooms. Our platform complements your face-to-face practice by freeing up time for the more complex patients. You can keep your patients happy and your practice thriving. Even better is that AHGP does not take a percentage of the consult fee, delivering 100% of the income back to you and your practice.

What does telehealth look like with AHGP?

Top features for GPs

  • • For the GP – iOS app, Android app, and webpages: AHGP login for doctors
  • • For the Patient – iOS app, Android app: AHGP for patients
  • • Live video consults – all you and your patients need is an internet connection
  • • Virtual waiting room for your patients
  • • Priority service solution for your subscription clients
  • • Seamless payment collection
  • • Sign up online and start seeing patients
  • • Work with your local pharmacy for your patients

For Medical Centres

Telehealth is transforming the way patients interact with their doctor. Our platform allows your patients to connect with you from anywhere. Our key priority is enabling corporate clients near immediate access to a doctor for workplace injuries and for patients to choose their own practice and doctor. We can provide the solution to improve ongoing passive incomes for the practice and patient engagement for your customer base.

Our platform allows your doctors to publish their availability to patients, when they have vacant appointment slots. The patients can also request an appointment to see your doctors at a suitable time for both parties. For your subscription clients instant push notifications are available to triage WorkCover injuries and emergencies. You can deliver care from anywhere; office, home or on the go.