• How will I get paid?

The practice or GP retains 100% of the service fee charged for standard patient consults with payments made directly to the practice through PayPal. Subscription customers pay a monthly service fee directly to the practice. AHGP charges 10% of all subscription services sold through the platform.

  • What is my portion of the consultation fee?

The GP retains whatever agreed service fee or percentage is provided from the practice. The practice retains 100% of fees received from standard consults and 90% of fees received from subscription services sold.

  • Am I an employee of AHGP?

AHGP is Software as a Service (SaaS). It provides the ability for a practice to setup its own Telehealth service rather than have GPs work under an IT company or corporate platform. The SaaS model is exactly the same as using Microsoft Office online and paying a monthly subscription fee.

  • Am I covered by my PI insurance?

Yes, as you are still an independent practitioner working within your practice systems there is no change to your insurance.

  • Can I work when I want to?

Yes. AHGP allows you, or your practice manager, to setup your own roster and availabilities.

  • What is the normal consult fee?

AHGP does not set service fees. Because each site operates independently under our system consult fees can be set by the practice and/or by each individual GP.

  • What is the cost of AHGP?

AHGP charges $990 per registered practitioner per year for the service. This allows for unlimited use of the platform for standard consultations.

AHGP charges 10% of any subscription services setup within the platform.

  • What are subscription services?

AHGP was originally designed around providing services to corporates, primarily in the construction industry, who needed instant feedback on injuries and work place accidents. Each corporate client pays a small annual fee per employee to allow them to have near instant access to a GP to triage injuries.

  • What are the subscription service fees?

AHGP does not set fees for any service provided by practices or GPs. We recommend a fee of $30/year for a white collar worker and $50/year for a blue collar worker. This represents less than 0.04% of the average payroll of a corporate client.

  • What other income is available using AHGP?

If your practice offers After Hours services using AHGP you can also claim the PIP payment which is up to $11,000 per FTE GP working in your practice.

AHGP can also be setup to work with your local pharmacy, under a subscription model, to allow your patients quick access to prescription repeats from the pharmacy.

  • What do I need to get started?

If you have an internet connection and a desktop web browser with a webcam, speakers, and microphone, then you can use AHGP. Clients require a suitable phone or tablet running iOS or Android. The practice will also require a Braintree account to receive funds directly.

  1. How do clients pay?

When you are setup on AHGP you will need to provide us with a Braintree account. All standard consultations require prepayment by the patient via Braintree before the consultation can begin. Patients do not need to have a Braintree account and pay with a credit card.

Subscription clients pay you directly in whichever way you arrange. All subscription agreements must be agreed by AHGP prior to being setup within the system.

  1. Is AHGP owned by a large corporate medical group?

No. Unlike our competitors we are a medical practice, not an IT company, providing a platform that is designed around how a practice needs to work. The platform is only available to medical practices in Australia.