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Why should your medical practice invest?

AHGP has been built by a practice, not a corporation or software engineer. The model is based on our experience with patients, corporate clients and the government. It is not reliant on patient volume, but instead a constant income stream through subscriptions and PIP payments.

If you are an accredited practice and your practice signs up for this service, then the government will provide annual PIP payments of up to $11,000 per full time practitioner if you have this service available after hours. This is an easy profit of almost $10,000 per full time practitioner for signing up for this service and offering it after hours.

Telehealth is the future of heath care and the industry is becoming an increasingly competitive. Keep the control of telehealth within your practice and make the decision to sign up to the app that can take you one step ahead of your competitors.

How is this app different to any other telehealth app?

Other telehealth apps in the market today are used to generate profit for the individual practitioner and not the practice they work in. Our app supports both and allows your practice the opportunity to brand the app with your practice logo in order to build your brand.

Unlike many other telehealth apps that generate most of their calls after hours, our target market also includes workcover and is intended for corporate companies and medium sized businesses and these will create subscriptions and calls to be made during business hours – perfect for the doctors who work part-time and wish to generate more income whilst working from home.

How much will this cost to sign up?

We charge $1100 per full time practitioner per year to use this model PLUS an additional 10% of revenue generated from subscriptions. This pricing is often cheaper than other telehealth apps in the market with the additional benefit of building your practice profile.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in signing your practice up to the AHGP APP then please visit the website at www.ahgp.com.au and complete the enquiries form and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

 What kind of support is there with your service?

Our team will assist you in the set up of your company app, including training to ensure that your team of doctors are confident in using this service offering. We also have a variety of supportive collateral to help you promote the app to your patients and sell subscriptions to the surrounds.

We have a support team available to assist with any enquiries that you may have with this service along the way.

What if we aren’t an accredited practice?

This app will continue to increase practice and GP revenue without being an accredited practice. It is up to each individual practice to price per call or subscription. The accreditation is only important if you wish to receive the Government financial payments for after hours services.

What if our doctors have already signed up for this service with other telehealth services?

You are still able to sign up for this app even if your Doctors have already signed up with another telehealth provider. signing up for our telehealth service will mean that the practice itself is able to promote that they have their own telehealth service available.

Lock in contract?

This service is based on a yearly contract. We charge the practice per practitioner on sign up for the year. Each year, if you would like to continue with your contract, we will charge you based on the number of full time practitioners. We will also invoice you based on your subscriptions generated after your contract is signed and the agreement has been entered into.